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10 Best Canvas Print Services Online

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Whether you’re moving to a new home, setting up a new office, or just want something fresh on your walls, a canvas print is a stellar choice. However, you shouldn’t just go with the first printing service you find.

Cheap canvas prints are notorious for fading quickly and displaying a low-quality image − either because of the canvas itself or the ink printed on it. And cheap printing services seem to be in abundance these days.

Fortunately for you, we’ve compiled a list of what we believe to be the 10 best canvas print services online. If you trust us and go with a brand on this list, you can rest assured you’ll end up with a piece of wall art you’re proud to display − one that catches the attention of anyone who sets foot in your room.

10 Best Canvas Print Services Available Online

  1. Porter Reid − Best Overall Canvas Print Service
  2. CanvasPop − Most Canvas Printing Customization Possibilities
  3. CanvasDiscount − Best Budget-Friendly Canvas Print Service
  4. ElephantStock − Best Selection of Predesigned Wall Art
  5. SnapFish − Best Mobile Canvas Design Experience
  6. CanvasHQ − Free Image Touch-Ups on Your Canvas Print
  7. Great Big Canvas − Easiest Canvas Print Service
  8. Walmart − Most Accessible Canvas Print Service
  9. Pictorem – Museum-Quality Canvas Prints
  10. CEWE − Best European Canvas Print Service

How We Selected These 10 Canvas Print Companies

There are so many different print companies out there claiming to be the best that, as a consumer, it can be tough to discover who is really worthy of the title.

That’s why we took a deep dive into the world of canvas printing and scoured the internet reading customer reviews and testimonials. We also went behind the scenes to look at how these companies operate.

  • What raw materials do they use?
  • How well trained are their designers, printers, and crafters?
  • How much control do they give you over the design process?
  • Can they get the job done and get your canvas to your door in a timely manner?

These are just a few of the questions we asked ourselves when compiling this list. We came up with what we feel are some pretty accurate guidelines that made our selection of the 10 best canvas prints companies online pretty easy.

The reality is that not many canvas printing services out there are doing as great as they’d like you to believe.

Here are the two factors that separate the best from the rest.

Level of Quality

First and foremost is the level of quality. If your print comes out looking like it was thrown together haphazardly and printed using low-quality inks and the world’s first printer, you’ll rightfully be enraged when it gets delivered.

That’s the problem with buying online − you really don’t know what you’re going to get until the product arrives.

This is why we took a behind-the-scenes look at the quality of each of these 10 brands. Though we were impressed with all of them, our No. 1 selection, Porter Reid, stood out.

From the canvas material itself to the inks and printing process, and even the wooden frame that ties everything together − each component needs to be of the highest quality.

Behind these premium components, a qualified team of expert designers, printers, and crafters should be working to help bring your art to life.

Canvas Options

Because we all have different visions for our canvas prints, this means the best canvas printing companies are those that provide many different canvas print options.

You should be able to choose between different types of canvas prints, such as a single canvas, multi-canvas split, or even canvas collages and sets…the possibilities are endless.

Of course, you should be able to use your own image if you like − a lot of people design their own custom canvas prints using family photos or an image they’ve captured. The best canvas print companies will allow you to adjust this image on your canvas as you please and, in some cases, even touch it up or enhance it.

Other things you should be able to choose from include the frame itself, edges, and protective coating. You’ll notice that the top brands on this list allow you to choose from any of these options when designing your own canvas print.

Other Details That Separate the Best From the Rest

After taking a close look at the level of quality and canvas options available, there are some other factors you can look for as you strive to separate the best from the rest.

One of these factors is turnaround time: How quickly can the company get your canvas printed and delivered to your door?

While you can’t rush perfection, especially when it comes to handmade canvas prints, you should avoid any companies that take more than a week or two to deliver your item. Many of the brands on this list offer free shipping at a certain order total. Some even offer free shipping on all orders!

Some of these brands make editing the canvas print easier than others, which is a nice bonus. Throughout our review of these 10 canvas print services, we’ll be sure to highlight the little things they do that earned them a spot on our list.

10 Best Online Canvas Print Services Reviewed

All of the canvas-printing services on this list are stellar, but one of them stands out in the crowd − and that’s Porter Reid.

If you came here looking for our recommendation in canvas-printing services and you don’t feel inclined to pore through every one of them, you can’t go wrong with Porter Reid.

#1. Porter Reid − Best Overall Canvas Printing Service

There are many reasons we consider Porter Reid to be the best canvas print company online in 2021 − but they can really all be summed up by their dedication to quality.

The backbone of Porter Reid is what helps them create such excellence time after time: their team of expert designers, printers, and crafters. These guys are the best in the world when it comes to handcrafting canvas prints, and it shows when you get your hands on the artwork.

What’s astounding isn’t just the level of quality you get; it’s the price you pay for it. While you’d expect to pay hundreds of dollars to have a professionally designed canvas print commissioned, you can get a mini print for as little as $5 − or get their largest option for just $20.

You won’t wait more than two weeks for your canvas print, and you won’t have to pay to ship, either, which is just another nice perk of going with the experts at Porter Reid.

Designing and ordering your canvas is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Upload your image, choose your size and check out. The experts will do the rest to bring your vision to life.

#2. CanvasPop − Most Canvas Printing Customization Possibilities

Some people want complete creative control over their print. If this sounds like you, then your best bet will likely be CanvasPop.

CanvasPop allows you to customize every aspect of your canvas print − areas you may not have even realized were possible to alter! From the type of frame you use to additional image enhancements, you are in the driver’s seat when you shop at CanvasPop.

Similar to Porter Reid, these guys have a team of designers on hand to help with image correction and ensure your printed canvas comes out looking exactly how you intended.

However, one substantial drawback to working with CanvasPop is that shipping can take quite a while − as long as three weeks. So if you’re shopping for a birthday or any gift-giving purpose, be sure to order well in advance!

#3. CanvasDiscount − Best Budget-Friendly Canvas Print Service

We tried to make it clear from the outset that if you’re looking for the best canvas print company, you should never shop based on price. That’s how you end up with a disappointing piece of art you’re too ashamed to even hang on your wall.

One canvas printing company that disrupts the norm, though, is CanvasDiscount. This team is able to offer incredible quality while remaining as budget-friendly as possible.

If you want museum-level quality, you should probably stick with the professionals at Porter Reid. However, you can get an impressive piece of art for as little as $5 here, with more size options than you could ever imagine!

Plus, shipping is lightning quick − you can expect to get your print within 7 days after you place your order. Those who are on a budget will love their shopping experience at CanvasDiscount.

#4. ElephantStock − Best Selection of Predesigned Wall Art

The three canvas printing companies we’ve mentioned thus far are all well known for their custom-crafted canvases, where you can select your favorite family portrait or a gorgeous image you shot yourself and have it printed onto a canvas.

But what if you aren’t really sure what you want − you just are sold on the idea of getting a premium canvas print to hang on your wall?

If you simply want to buy an amazing piece of art or are looking for a little inspiration before designing your own, consider the extensive selection of predesigned wall art available at ElephantStock.

These guys still allow you to craft your own canvas if you like. In fact, they offer just as many customization possibilities as CanvasPop. But what really stood out to us is the level of quality they offer across their entire catalog, which consists of thousands of different pieces of art.

You can get lost in their shop (and we had a difficult time picking just one canvas!), as you can browse by room, artist, season, shape, color, best-sellers, trending, and more. Choose from single panels or multi-panels, or even canvas collages that take up an entire wall.

#5. SnapFish − Best Mobile Canvas Design Experience

We took great care to make sure every printer on this list makes it super easy to craft your own custom canvas, so you won’t have to worry about that.

But if you’re looking for a simple way to design and order canvases straight from your mobile device, consider SnapFish, and the mobile app these guys have engineered to make the process easy.

When you download the app, you get incentives like 100 free prints a month − all you have to pay is the shipping. How crazy is that? Plus, it’s not just canvases you can design here. If you can think it, they can print on it − from mugs to photo tiles, photo books, and clothing.

The actual prints are expertly crafted, and SnapFish has an impressive reputation to back them up.

Starting at just a few bucks each, these canvas prints are definitely worth checking out if you’re hoping to design your prints on the go.

#6. CanvasHQ − Free Image Touch-Ups on Your Canvas Print

You may be an expert photographer, creating perfect shots every time. However, most people are not. If that favorite family photo you took on your last vacation didn’t come out perfectly, you’ve come to the right place.

CanvasHQ is a printing service that offers free image touch-ups to make sure that you end up with a gorgeous piece of art even if the original print has imperfections.

Their design process is straightforward, making it easy to bring your print to life. Aside from free image touch-ups, you can also add on hanging hardware and other cool features free of charge.

One thing we appreciate about CanvasHQ is the care these guys take when shipping your canvas. They mark up the box with all kinds of warnings to ensure nothing happens to it during transit. After placing your order, you can expect your print within a week or so.

#7. Great Big Canvas − Easiest Canvas Printing Service

One of the most stress-free canvas print services is Great Big Canvas. This brand makes commissioning your custom canvas prints a breeze, with just a few clicks in their easy-to-use design portal.

Plus, you get to work with an assistant one on one while designing your canvas print. This ensures it comes out looking phenomenal every time, even if you’ve never designed or ordered one of these in the past.

They offer all kinds of custom choices, from an extensive list of sizes to choose between single panels and multi-panel canvas prints, and much, much more.

Delivery time is as quick as any brand we’ve seen. Your art will be at your doorstep within 3−5 days of placing your order.

Nice touches are added on, like UVB protection, so the art won’t degrade from sunlight over time. This means you’ll be able to bring this print with you to all your future homes or pass it down to new generations.

While the price on these prints is a bit steep, just know that you get what you pay for, and these are worth every penny. Plus, they routinely offer discounts over at Great Big Canvas − so keep your eyes peeled and strike when the time is right!

#8. Walmart − Most Accessible Canvas Printing Service

Okay, Walmart doesn’t necessarily have a reputation for producing the best quality. They’re known as the premier destination for bargain shoppers looking for the cheapest of cheap.

However, if you’re in a bind and need your canvas quickly, this might be your only option. There is likely a Walmart within half an hour of your house, and you can typically place your order early enough in the morning that you can pick it up in the afternoon.

And if you’re looking for affordability, then you really can’t beat Walmart.

This is not to say you’re going to get the same level of quality as Porter Reid, though, so you need to consider what matters most to you − price or quality − and choose a service accordingly.

#9. Pictorem − Museum-Quality Canvas Prints

While we’re on the subject of quality, we want to share one of our favorite canvas print brands with you: Pictorem. They have earned a reputation for producing museum-level quality when it comes to canvas prints.

If it’s good enough to hang in a museum, then you can rest assured it will be good enough to hang in your living room or office space. You can feel confident knowing that the canvas print you order through Pictorem is going to wow you and any guests who have the pleasure of laying their eyes upon it.

What makes these prints so amazing is the premium, fine art canvas they utilize. They use a giclee process, which is preferred by fine artists around the world. In fact, Pictorem produces such outstanding work that they boast relationships with thousands of the world’s best artists, who come to them to commission their prints.

This premium canvas and printing procedure is brought to life when they stretch it over a thick, sturdy wooden gallery frame, and is finalized with a ready-to-hang wire included.

With felt pads to protect your wall when hanging it up, Pictorem doesn’t miss any details with their canvases, and this attention to detail has rightfully earned them a spot on our list.

Each order is professionally reviewed by an expert before printing. Choose from a wide range of sizes, or upload the image you have and they’ll recommend a canvas size for you − this helps ensure it comes out looking amazing.

#10. CEWE − Best European Canvas Printing Service

If you’re in Europe and are looking for a canvas print a bit closer to home, we don’t blame you − this will cut your wait time from months to just a week or two.

And if you’re after the best, look no further than CEWE. These guys are experts on all things printing, and their canvas prints are no exception.

They use a premium-quality 340gsm poly-cotton canvas, and an advanced 12-color printing process to create vibrant images.

The canvas is stretched over a real pinewood frame by hand. Keep in mind that around 3−5cm of your image will end up being stretched around the frame, so crop your image accordingly, and buffer it as needed.

In terms of customization, you get to choose from 5 different formats − including the increasingly popular floating-frame look. They offer 29 different canvas sizes, so you’ll have no problem ensuring your art fits your canvas, and that your canvas fits your wall.

With a 4.9-star rating on TRUSTPILOT, CEWE stands out as the best European canvas printer.

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