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10 Easy Ways to Make Money Online when you are Broke

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10 Easy Ways to Make Money Online when you are Broke

The outbreak of COVID 19 has negatively impacted almost every sector in the world. Many businesses have collapsed and people have lost their jobs. The financial crunch is what every person on the planet has faced. It is now definite that the traditional jobs are not as reliable as we thought and having savings is way better than purchasing the latest iPhone just for the sake of it. So for everyone out there looking at earning some extra cash, we have worked out easy ways to make money online. Some of the methods given below can make you money online without investment and some do need initial investment so always be careful.

So, if you are a person looking for new opportunities to earn some extra money or a student stuck at home, looking for some income, here are 10 free websites that can help you make money online. All you need is a computer with the internet, some spare time and hard work.


Upwork.com is a renowned freelancing web platform that connects independent work professionals with clients across the world. In order to get employed, you have to sign up with the website, build a robust job profile in accordance with your expertise, (graphic designing, video editing, content writing, etc) and apply for jobs available. If the employer is impressed with your resume you will get hired and get paid.

Upwork Freelancing

Now, there are many freelancing websites to choose from, here we have given you the most popular and least fraudulent websites for freelancing. Although, if you wish to have other options, especially if you are a beginner, check our article on Freelance Websites for Beginners


OLX is an online marketplace where people can buy and sell used products at an agreed price. If you have old stuff at home that you do not need anymore, post an ad about them on OLX and sell them away to interested buyers to make some quick cash. This is one of the essential ways to free some space at your home. Remember the guitar you purchased a few months back so you could learn but never started seriously, sell it on OLX.

OLX- Make money at home


If you have a niche for content writing you can sign up with this website. It is great for beginners as it is super easy to use. All you have to do is register and get started with writing projects from clients across the globe. FreelanceWriting can help you make money online without any investment, all you have to do is write well content.

FreelanceWriting: Earn money by Writing

Now the reason we suggest Freelance writing as it is one of the skills almost every person has for a basic level so there is a high chance you can be a freelance writer and earn money. The money you will earn will not be thousands of dollars but it sure will keep you from being broke.

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This website is a perfect choice for people who want to start working as a transcriptionist. Here, companies will send you audio files that have to be converted into text. To get started, you need to have a high school degree and a good grasp of the English language. You can also choose different languages for transcribing, maybe your Spanish/ French class from school might be useful after all. Using TranscribeMe, you can make money online without any investment.

Transcribe.me: Earn Money by Writing


Today, it is the largest video-sharing platform in the world, and right now is the best time to be on it. The average time spent on YouTube these days have been increased exponentially so everyone has a potential chance to be a content creator. Don’t have a handsome/ Pretty (Believe me, you do) or you are just shy of a camera, use doodles and make videos.


Many content creators on YouTube make millions of dollars in annual revenue through Google’s Adsense program. However, it takes some time and effort to develop viewership and a subscriber base to start making money.


As the stock market is very risky and volatile, we do recommend caution while investing your hard-earned money. Do not listen or heed people’s voice or opinion, study the stock yourself and then invest. It is one of the fastest-growing online stock trading websites where you can make money through investment in shares.

UpStox: Earn Money at Home

Here, you can open a Demat account within just a few minutes to start investing, and there are no brokerage charges. Investment income is a great way to earn money, provided you do it the right way.


Fiverr is a popular freelance web platform where you can work as a freelancer and offer your services at a cheap price to buyers around the world in exchange for money. You can join Fiverr for free and post any kind of gig as per your expertise, like photo or video editing, providing research works, posting on social media, making digital drawings, animations, etc.

Fiverr: Earn Money Online

Fiverr has dozens of people doing the work for a cheap price so make sure before you introduce yourself to the community, have decent knowledge and unique skill for the job that will get you some good clientele.

Fotolia- One of the Easy Ways to Make Money Online:

If you are a good photographer, then this amazing money-making option is for you. It is the largest, American stock photography website, and a subsidiary of the parent company Adobe. Here, you can upload and sell your photographs in exchange for a fee. If you have a passion for photography and know how to take great photos, this is a great place for you to make money.



Skillshare is an e-learning community where you can earn by recording a series of educational videos based on topics that you know about. Here you can develop your own paid course and make money by teaching various skills online, like programming, designing, marketing, etc.

Skillshare: Earn Money At Home

Google Opinion Rewards:

It is a platform developed by Google that pays you to take surveys that are posted by various companies and market researchers. You get rewarded in exchange for your reviews and opinions. The money gets credited to you through Google Pay or PayPal.

Google Opinion Rewards

Above were some of the best options that you can opt for earning a good amount of money while you are at home. If you are a programmer, the bug bounty platform can be the best option to earn a real good amount of money, check out our article on the best bug bounty platforms for beginners.

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