July 13, 2024

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A Gaggle Of Boards Makes For An I2C Playground

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It’s not a lot of a extend to think that the greater part of Hackaday visitors are at the very least common with I2C. In actuality, there is an great opportunity that anyone who’s at any time carried out much more with an Arduino than blink the onboard LED has at a person time or a further utilized the serial communication protocol to discuss to a sensor, screen, or other exterior gadget. Of course, just due to the fact most of us have used it in a couple of projects doesn’t mean we truly fully grasp it.

If you are wanting to brush up on your I2C awareness, you could do worse than to adhere to the information [András Tevesz] just lately wrote up. With a title like Components Hacking 101: E01 I2C Sniffing, How to Listen to Your Arduino’s I2C Bus, you know you’re in for a superior time. When the document is arguably geared much more to security scientists than electronic hobbyists, the concepts presented can be valuable even if you are just trying to debug your possess tasks.

Even though you could undoubtedly change the components applied to match whatever you have acquired kicking all around the parts bin, the setup [András] information takes advantage of a BeagleBone Black as the learn system that communicates with an Adafruit Trinket and Arduino in excess of I2C. He delivers code for all 3 equipment, and when everything is jogging as it really should be, the microcontrollers will blink their LEDs in time with indicators becoming sent out over the bus by the BeagleBone.

This, in itself, has academic value. Certain most of us have utilised transform-key I2C equipment, but how many have truly manufactured one? But beyond that, it also presents you a basic and user-controllable bus to poke close to in. [András] hooks up a Saleae logic analyzer (hardly ever fear, that $10 USD one you obtained on eBay will function just as properly) and scientific studies the actual messages as they go in excess of the wire. If you’ve ever desired to just take a close seem at the nuts and bolts of this ubiquitous protocol, it is a wonderful way to get your foot in the door. Though on the issue, be sure to examine out the outstanding guidebook our very own [Elliot Williams] wrote up again in 2016.

[Thanks to zh4ck for the tip.]

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