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Benefits of using the Amazon review checker tool

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Do You Need an Amazon Review Checker? | Buy Box Experts

No doubt, the competition on Amazon is huge, and it makes it difficult for sellers to stand their products among the competition. There are many ways through which some sellers on Amazon buy fake reviews and damage the actual ratings of their competitors.

So, there is a huge need to analyze the positive and negative reviews, so buyers can know the right products through positive reviews. Here the role of Amazon review checker tools comes. 

Go now to learn about the Amazon review checker, from its meaning to its benefits. 

Amazon review checker 

Amazon review checker is a tool that scans Amazon star ratings of products to identify the reviews. It will manage the star ratings after removing the negative reviews from consideration. 

So, you may involve in the market for a new computer house. You can see many options through this tool and determine which Amazon product has how many ratings. 

How does the Amazon review checker tool work 

The Amazon review checker tool uses an algorithm to determine fake reviews. The algorithm used in it determines the number of factors to indicate the negative reviews. Here are the factors involved 

  • Tone of reviews 

Many fake reviews write in a generic tone and use some clichéd phrases such as worth the money to express the product. On the other hand, the real revises will add interesting and unique information related to experience.

  • Same reviews on the same product

Many fake reviews on Amazon use templates. If algorithms determine the same language on a positive review, then those who get flagged. 

  • Timestamp of review

Sellers who purchase fake reviews buy the products in batches. Seeing too many reviews within the two or three-day window is cause for concern. 

  • Reviewer history

 If the account on Amazon reviews every week on products and gives 1 to 5-star ratings, that is considered a sign of a person who hired fake reviews. 

Are businesses need the Amazon review checker? 

Yes, it is important for a business to use the Amazon review checker tool. This tool is an important part of boosting Amazon’s marketing plan. Using the Amazon review checker is an easy way to find fake reviews on the product. 

Reviews are an important part of the Amazon customer experience. It is predicted that 93 per cent of shoppers on Amazon use reviews to take their buying decisions. So, if there are fake reviews available on Amazon products, whether they are negative or positive, they can destroy the customer experience and credibility. 

Pros of Amazon review checkers 

There are many benefits of using Amazon review checker for business, as follows as

  • You can easily see if fake reviews are available on the product by using the Amazon review checker. 
  • By addressing the fake reviews by amazon review checker, you can easily build up your brand reputation.
  • It is easy to see all reviews at one location by amazon review checker 


Using the Amazon review checker is beneficial, as it helps the shoppers to identify fake reviews, so they make the right purchasing decision.

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