June 21, 2024

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Create a NEW Google Jamboard

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Create a NEW Google Jamboard

I use Google Jamboard a lot. I love the collaboration and interactive space. Here is a Google Jamboard I made using Open Middle. What I love about the Jam is that I want students to show their thinking and reasoning. This means they do an initial attempt and then on the next frame (page) they revise their attempt. I have a lot of Jams I have created for a variety of subjects. As a teacher I love that I can observe students thinking in real time. Premade Jams are great, however, what if you want to create a new Google Jamboard here is how you do it.

How to Create a New Google Jamboard

Google Jamboards live in Google Drive. Go to drive.google.com and you’ll need to select “More” in order to locate “Google Jamboard.” This will open a blank Google Jamboard in a new tab. Like other Google docs, Jams automatically save in Google Drive.

How to Create a New Google Jamboard in Drive click on New and then More and then Google Jamboard

New Google Jamboard

My favorite way to create a Google Jamboard is to open a new tab and type jam.new. This Jam is automatically in your Google Drive. Although, unorganized in a folder.

No Folder Icon

At the current time there is no folder icon when inside of a Google Jamboard. This means that you have to go to Google Drive in order to organize your Jam into a folder. Click on “Recent” on the left side of Drive to locate your recently created Jam. Move the Jam into the desired folder.

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