July 13, 2024

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Digital Rights for Digital Consumers

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Digital Rights for Digital Consumers

Digital Rights for Digital Consumers

The use of digital technology in our daily life has been the most important thing at present time.

Digitization of government and private services has become almost mandatory. It helps to make economic transactions, education, health care, and government services more technologically friendly and accessible for all.

However, as the number of digital subscribers grows, digital consumer rights are becoming an addressable topic of the global discussion.

Consumer Rights Day is also celebrated in Nepal through a variety of events. On Consumer’s Rights Day 2022, Nepal Telecommunication Authority(NTA) organized a program for digital consumers.

At the event, a panel discussion on “Fair Digital Consumer Rights for Digital Transformation” was conducted. During the panel discussion, the speakers talked about consumer rights and their protection. Similarly, digital consumer literacy and refinement of necessary policies and laws were also discussed topics.

The Nepalese constitution contains 44 consumer rights, and the Consumer Protection Act of 2075 contains nine rights issues. Out of it, data security and data protection are important consumer rights issues right now.

On the Panel discussion, the quality and consumer protection gap in Nepal was discussed. In the same way, the advancement of outdated laws and unhealthy competition among internet service providers in terms of speed was also talked about.

Ganesh Shah, the former Minister of Science and Technology, and Prem Kumar  Shrestha, the Director-General of Commerce, Supplies, and Consumer Protection, spoke on the program as guests. Over a hundred people attended the event, including representatives from the Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), Huawei, and Nepal Clearing House Ltd (NCHL).

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