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Genshin Impact: 10 Best Gadgets, Ranked

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With each new update, Genshin Impact continues to provide players with valuable quality-of-life changes. While some of these changes are large-scale system optimizations like reduced resin costs for weekly bosses, others are introduced via interesting gadgets meant to make players’ lives a bit easier.

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Although all the gadgets are useful to some extent, a few of them outshine the rest. However, many players haven’t utilized them yet because they don’t know how they work, how useful they are or where to get them. For those who are still unsure, here’s a quick run-down of the most convenient gadgets thus far. Just to set the record straight, this doesn’t include cosmetics like Endora or the Mini Seelies.

10 Kamera: Take Snapshots Wherever You Like

Barbara from Genshin Impact in the Mondstadt Cathedral

As expected, the Kamera is a device that allows players to take in-game photos of themselves and their surroundings. Players can obtain it after completing the world quest “Snapshots,” which is located in Liyue Harbor.

Unlike the menu’s camera, which can only capture characters in a couple of passive, pre-set poses, the Kamera is capable of recording more dynamic images, as players can continue to take pictures while they are mid-combat and mid-animation. As a result, miHoYo has been encouraging players to get creative with the gadget by hosting various photo contests such as the ones for the Windblume Festival and Midsummer Island Adventure events. In terms of utility in battle and game progress, though, it’s not essential by design.
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9 Adepti Seeker’s Stove: Gastronomy On The Go

This practical, portable piece of kitchen equipment is handy for any fan of chef and powerful Pyro Support character, Xiangling. With the Adepti Seeker’s Stove, scrumptious, stat-boosting sustenance is only a few clicks away.

Players can unlock the blueprint for this item after reaching Reputation Level Five in Liyue. On doing so, they can craft it at the blacksmith’s station and take it with them on their journey. However, each stove has a one-time use and will disappear after being deployed for 300 seconds or if the player enters combat. With this in mind, it isn’t a bad idea to forge several of them if players find themselves running low on rations. In reality, though, it’s not super necessary, since there are tons of random cooking pots out in the wild.

8 Warming Bottle: Shelter From Sheer Cold

Genshin Impact Childe in Dragonspine with Warming Bottle

The Warming Bottle gives players temporary respite from Dragonspine’s harsh ice and wintry weather. When activated, the gadget will spawn a Warming Seelie that radiates heat for five seconds.

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Though the mountain is littered with campfires, Ruin Braziers and Scarlet Quartz that can also cleanse the Sheer Cold debuff, players who prefer to be prepared should have no qualms about crafting a few just in case. However, to obtain the Warming Bottle blueprint, they must first gather 40 Crimson Agates in order to raise the Frostbearing Tree to Level Four. Overall, while Warming Bottles can be very helpful, they aren’t really as important as some gadgets. Rather than removing Sheer Cold after the fact, players can also slow down the rate of accumulation just by eating a steaming bowl of Goulash. rize escort

7 Wind Catcher: Basically Budget Venti

Genshin Impact Jean Gliding on a Wind Current

Ever wanted to soar through the clear Mondstadt sky without having to worry about falling? Well, the Wind Catcher allows players to collect and store up to five Anemograna spirits, which they can later release as charges to generate wind currents (though it does have a 100 second cooldown).

This useful tool is similar to the updraft created by Venti’s Elemental Skill, Skyward Sonnet. For those who weren’t lucky enough to pull the five-star bard, this gadget is a perfectly suitable substitute when it comes to open-world exploration.

6 Waverider Repair Toolbox: Reckless Drivers, Rejoice!

After the addition of the Golden Apple Archipelago, many Genshin Impact players have been sailing the seas while laying waste to floating hilichurl camps. Taking down these enemy structures lets them claim nice rewards such as rare treasure chests and Shiny Flotsam.

However, players’ boats can get damaged in the process, which is where the Waverider Repair Toolbox comes in handy. Players can obtain it after collecting 200 Shiny Flotsam, and it can restore up to 50 percent of a Waverider’s maximum HP. Despite this, Waveriders do naturally regenerate health when they aren’t in combat, so players who frequently exit their boats can make use of this passive instead.
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5 Portable Waypoint: First-Rate Fast Travel

Genshin Impact Female Traveler by Portable Waypoint at Geovishap Boss

Portable Waypoints are crucial for players who constantly have to travel to hard-to-reach places while farming. The gadget creates a temporary Teleport Waypoint that can make the map much more accessible. Players can unlock the item’s blueprint after reaching Reputation Level Six in Mondstadt. Afterwards, they can forge it at a Crafting Bench before simply planting it wherever they please.

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Once installed, a Portable Waypoint will last for seven days, though only one can be active at a time. If a player does decide to create a new Waypoint, the previous one will be destroyed.

4 Parametric Transformer: Awe-Inspiring Alchemy

Genshin Impact Sucrose with Parametric Transformer in Mondstadt

The Parametric Transformer can turn up to 150 unwanted objects into valuable Talent Books, EXP Books, Mora, and Character and Weapon Ascension Materials. After players place the Parametric Transformer and choose the items they want to convert, they can proceed with the transformation process by charging it with elemental attacks.

Players can obtain this gadget after completing the world quest “Tianqiu Treasure Trail,” which appears in Liyue Harbor after they have reached Adventure Rank 31. All things considered, it’s a fantastic gadget for players who have more Mint than they know what to do with, but its reliability can vary.

3 Anemo and Geo Treasure Compasses: X Marks The Spot

Genshin Impact Bennett with Common Chest in Mondstadt

Although the Treasure Compasses can be tricky to use, they still have a pretty big payoff. When equipped, they alert players when chests are nearby and then point them in their general direction.

If a Treasure Compass detects a chest, it briefly spawns an elemental stream to guide players before going on cooldown for 3o seconds. However, if the gadget does not find a chest, then it will only have a five second cooldown. The main difference between the Anemo and Geo Treasure Compasses is the areas in which they can operate. The Anemo Treasure Compass only works in Mondstadt (excluding Dragonspine), while the Geo one only works in Liyue. Additionally, they can only be crafted after players reach Reputation Level Six in their respective regions.

2 Anemoculus and Geoculus Resonance Stones: Gotta Track ‘Em All

Genshin Impact Ningguang With Geoculus in Liyue

Much to every Genshin Impact player’s chagrin, collecting those pesky Anemoculi and Geoculi is the only way to increase your maximum stamina. With almost 200 Oculi in existence, finding them is no easy feat.

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Luckily, players can craft Anemoculus and Geoculus Resonance Stones to make the task a little less tedious. Players can obtain the blueprints for these items by reaching Reputation Level Two in Mondstadt and Liyue. Even though Resonance Stones break after one use, they are still surprisingly efficient. This is because these gadgets mark the player’s map, revealing the closest Oculi’s location. It’s among the game’s very best gadgets simply because it helps with this irritating task.

1 NRE (Menu 30): The Real Emergency Food

Genshin Impact Xiao in Maguu Kenki Boss Fight

The NRE (Menu 30) is the best gadget by far, because it comes in clutch in sticky situations. It’s essentially a snack pouch with two slots: one for healing food, and the other for revival dishes.

Players can use the NRE during combat, including domains and boss fights. In fact, the only area it can’t be used in is the challenging Spiral Abyss. What makes the gadget so great is that it provides a safety net whenever your healer’s abilities are down. It also saves time, since players won’t have to worry about opening and closing their inventory.

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