July 23, 2024

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Google Pixel 7 Pro’s Best Price Ever is Back

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For most of last month, Google dropped the prices on its best new products. That meant a $150 discount on the Pixel 7 Pro, $100 discount on the Pixel 7, and $50 off the Pixel Watch for the first time. Those prices stuck around for longer than we expected, leaving you plenty of opportunities to grab one.

For one final holiday shopping push, Google has gone and brought back all of those same deals. If you missed them the first time, now would be the time to act.

The Pixel 7 Pro, with its $150 discount, is down to $749. This, like it was previously, is an incredible deal on what may be the best phone on the market. It has an incredible camera, snappy and smooth performance, a refined design over the Pixel 6 Pro, and will get updates for 5 years (including Pixel Feature Drops). There is so much to like about the Pixel 7 Pro, all of which you can read about in our full review.

The Pixel 7 is down to just $499, thanks to a $100 discount, and it really might be the best deal in all of tech. It is without a doubt my own personal favorite phone, because of its smaller size, still-great camera and performance and software and all that, but at $499…sheesh that’s such a bargain price. Remember, it was already well-priced at $599, so this seems like icing. Our full review is here.

The Pixel Watch at $50 off can be had for $299. Even with that discount, this is still an expensive smartwatch and probably isn’t one for everyone. You’ll have to charge it daily, plus it often feels like these are early days for it in terms of software features. That said, it has been a really fun watch to wear for the past couple of months. The software is quick, Fitbit integration is great, battery is getting me through a full day of notifications, workouts, and sleep, and the design is the best of any watch out there. Here’s our review.

On a related note, I wanted to point out that if Google tossed you any sort of promo code in the last few weeks (like this $100 code), those can’t be used to further discount these products. A lot of Google Store codes can’t be combined with promos, unfortunately.

Tough to say how long these prices will stick. It could be for the next week or through Xmas. Either way, you now have a second chance at glory.

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