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How to crack the Wipro Recruitment Test?

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Did you know? 

Standing tall among the top consulting firms, Wipro is on the wishlist of many aspirants. 

Every year the infamous Wipro offers lucrative job opportunities to lakhs of students. Many aspirants give the Wipro Recruitment test but only the ones with the right talent get selected!

As the rise in the number of individuals applying for the jobs at Wipro, tests are getting tougher. Hence, the company came up with the idea of Wipro mock test, which can help you prepare better for your tests. 

Do you also want to prepare yourself for the Wipro Recruitment Test? If yes, then you can try these mock tests to maximize your chance of getting hired at the tech giant. 

The tests are based on two main types- Technical and Aptitude. The questions are moderately tough and are related to the basic and advanced rounds of the hiring process of Wipro. The test series are available online and they are for free. 

So if you are ready to crack the Wipro test, it’s vital for you to know how to crack it? 

Read on to know more! 

What is the Wipro Recruitment Test?

Before you start preparing for the Wipro recruitment test, you have to know about it in depth.

Wipro Recruitment Test is an examination held in May and June of every year.

In this examination lakhs of candidates apply from different countries. This exam is considered the hiring process. The test is separated into different parts. You have to ace all of them successfully to get selected.

If you also have the urge to know How to crack the Wipro Recruitment test? Then this blog can guide you to make the proper strategies to crack your coming paper. 

The Recruitment test comes in 3 different rounds. Each round has a different set of questions and different patterns. 

Online Assessment Round. 

This is the first round in the recruitment process. In this round, the candidates have to give an online test. And, the questions are based on Aptitude. 

Test pattern.

The Aptitude test is divided into 3 different parts-

  • Verbal Ability- In the first part of your online assessment test, you will be judged based on your verbal abilities. The questions are based on- Error-spotting, Para-Jumbles, Sentence completion, and more. 

Strategies to crack Verbal Ability round:

  1. Grammar is an important part of this. Make sure you increase your skills to ace this section.
  2. Practice writing can also help you improve your grammar.
  3. Increase your verbal knowledge. 
  4. Share your thoughts. 
  5. Go through articles, newspapers, and journals
  • Quantitative Aptitude- This is the second section, and in this section, candidates are judged based on their mathematical abilities. The questions are based on- Number series, Ratios, Time, Speed and Distance, Simple and Compound Interest, Probability, Proportions, Percentages, and more. 

Strategies to crack Quantitative Aptitude Round:

  1. Time management, it is important for you to manage time as some calculations can be hard and could take more time.
  2. Improve your concentration. 
  3. Increase your speed.
  4. Solve previous years’ papers and practice papers. 
  5. Try to use formulae. 
  • Analytical Aptitude- This section revolves around the ability to think logically and critically, candidates get judged based on that. The questions are based on- Coding-Decoding, Analogy, Visual Reasoning, Analogy, Data Arrangements, Data Sufficiency, and more. 

Strategies to crack Analytical Aptitude Round:

  1. Increase your skills in coding.
  2. Maintain your speed.
  3. Try to understand the point of reference.
  4. Practice Logical Reasoning.
  5. Improve Concentration.

The Essay Writing Test-  

In this section, you can get any topic or scenario to write on. May it be political, educational, general affairs, or more. The word limits for these essays are 200-400. 

Strategies to crack Essay Writing Test:

  1. Make a proper structure for your essay.
  2. Mind the grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  3. A good vocabulary is equally important. 

Markings, Evaluations, and Duration:

Understanding the markings, valuation, and duration of the exam also helps to strategize better. 

In the Wipro Recruitment Test, the total time duration is 80 minutes. 

The Aptitude test is divided into 3 parts Verbal, Analytical, and Quantitative, each of which consists of 20 sets of questions with a time duration of 20 mins. Then comes the essay writing test with a time duration of 20 min. 

This means you have to prepare yourself for 61 questions in 80 mins. 

The Technical Round

The 2nd round is more of a technical interview round. The candidates who can make it through the online assessment round are called into this round. This is a face-to-face interview. It is one of the essential parts, and freshers do need to focus on that. 

Technical questions are logical and freshers should be prepared fully so that they can ace them. You should be clear with your concept. There is no fixed rule or fixed set of questions, they can ask you anything technical related to your position. To Make it more precise, you have to be clear about the Algorithms, DBMS, Operating System, and Programming Language. 

Strategies to crack the Technical Round:

  1. Get familiar with the programming languages.
  2. Know about the position you applied for.
  3. Learn about C++, Java, Python
  4. Work on your skills.
  5. Be confident with your answers.

The HR Round.

The HR round. This is the final interview round. The HR of the firm will check your skills in communication, your confidence, your body language, and your ability to do the task. They will ask you some basic HR questions like- Tell us something about yourself, Why do you want to join this organization, What salary do you expect, etc. 

They might ask some technical questions and puzzles too, depending on the situation. 

Strategies to crack the HR Round:

  1. Get clear with your answers, as every firm asks similar questions in interviews.
  2. Show them you are confident enough.
  3. Show them how you can bring goodness to the company.
  4. Stick to the question which is asked.
  5. Be professional. 

These strategies would be of great help to crack the Wipro recruitment test! Also, these strategies would be helpful in the preparation of other mock tests including Goldman Sachs Online Assessment Test.

Now, maybe another question is popping into your mind: Where can you apply for the test? Well, you can apply for the test from the Wipro official website or at Wipro Careers

Wrapping Up

In this blog, we discussed how to crack the Wipro Recruitment test by preparing yourself with all the strategies mentioned above and clearing the mock tests successfully. We hope you find this blog helpful and get placed. All the best for your coming exams.

Stay safe!

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