April 19, 2024

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How to Use QR Codes on Apparel and Reduce Clothing Tag Sizing?

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Are you tired of wearing clothes that have bulky, itchy, lengthy tags on them? Well, the clothing and apparel industry is now planning to make their clothing collection comfortable to wear using this 27-year-old technology, QR codes. 

While QR codes gained popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, QR codes on clothing and apparel were first used in 2008 by American fashion company Ralph Lauren. 

The QR code is placed on clothing hang tags, catalogs, in-store signages, and billboards. When scanned, the code redirects to Ralph Lauren’s website, where the customer can get information about available colors and sizes for the clothes and styling tips. 

If you work in the fashion industry and are planning to minimize your clothing tag size, you can use a free QR code generator software online to create your own QR codes. 

Want to know how to maximize your use of QR codes on apparel? Here are some practical ways that you can employ and use them to minimize clothing tag size.

How to Use QR Codes for Apparel and Clothing

On-Screen or Fashion Show Marketing

Fashion companies can use QR codes to market their clothing lines by coming up with unique ways to use one. 

Apparel companies can use one to attract more people to buy their following collections or create a new trend. Klarna, a luxury fashion store, used QR codes in their 2020 fashion show as the attire of their models.

When scanned, the QR code attached to each model redirects to the store, where spectators can order and get the item delivered. 

Store Clothing Care Guide

One of the reasons why there are usually three or more tags in a shirt is because of the clothing care guides placed on them.

It may have served its purpose for the last few decades, but many fashion apparel brands are now repurposing the way they put them by securing a digital copy of their clothing care guide. 

They now store it into a PDF QR code and stitch it into each of their apparel’s minimized tags. 

Use to promote online store or app

Do you have an online store or app but only gain fewer visits or downloads? With QR codes, you can easily double your site visits or app downloads by including one in your reduced clothing tags. 

Using one, you can create a seamless way for your buyers to go to your website or encourage them to download your app to get more curated fashion tips daily. 

Get creative with the QR code you use to promote your online store or app using a QR code generator with logo software. 

Customize its design, pattern, eye shapes, and colors, and have the option to add your store logo and call to action. 

Direct customers to virtual clothing try-on

Do you want to maximize your clothing brand reach and increase your usual sales? There’s a modern solution for that, and that is by employing a virtual try-on campaign. 

Virtual try-on is a type of technology that uses Augmented Reality technology to allow a user to try on a product virtually without needing to have the item physically. This is also a campaign primarily used by shoe and cosmetics companies. 

Using QR codes, you can instantly lead your customers to try on your other clothing products virtually by scanning one available on the item they recently purchased. 

Viewing the ways apparel companies can use QR codes for apparel and clothing, these two-dimensional barcodes can revolutionize how apparel brands market and repurpose their means for fashion. 

With the vast potential it can give for today’s clothing lines, apparel brands can now cut down the number and length of the tags they include in each product. This makes way for more breathable and comfortable apparel for customers today. 

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