March 3, 2024

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Is precision manure tech worth it?

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Variable-fee manure application has yet to just take keep in the Northeast. In fact, custom operators are the most probably purchasers of precision manure software gear ideal now.

But to use a technique to its total benefit, a customized operator need to count on their prospects to source vital data, such as soil screening and produce monitoring. And which is seldom the case, claims Eric Severy of Matthew’s Trucking LLC in Cornwall, Vt., whose manure software devices contains injection and dragline, and John Deere’s HarvestLab 3000.

“We are guiding the rest of the country in technological innovation,” Severy suggests. Couple farmers can manage the complete variety of high priced technologies that can keep track of manure nutrients from the taxi, primarily in the present-day dairy economy. And some aren’t persuaded, nonetheless, that it accurately actions manure constituents.

They might also be hesitant to have their devices dictate how much manure they must apply, specially on farms having difficulties with also a lot manure and as well small land to place it on.

These farmers fear about the capacity of the products to put into action their nutrient administration programs correctly, Severy says, and they do not want to be hung out to dry if a precision process applies manure at charges that really don’t match their nutrient management options.

“We’ve had large swings in the climate in the very last couple years, and with so substantially water in these manure pits, it modifications the nutrient value,” he says, incorporating that regulations will need to be current to continue to keep rate with new technological know-how.

However, New England farmers are going toward precision manure application, albeit incrementally.

The use of stream meters to measure software premiums in true time, which has been about for a although, has taken off in the previous couple of years, together with the use of satellite GPS, suggests Jeff Sanders, agronomy outreach specialist with College of Vermont Extension. 

Paired with good manure testing and nutrient management setting up (NMP), it can lead to more precise file maintaining and a much better concept of how to estimate gallons for each acre in manure masses, Sanders states.

The most state-of-the-art systems review liquid manure components and dry matter at the very least 4,000 situations for every second and modify premiums on-the-go by integrating nutrient sensors, GPS and GIS (geographic details systems) mapping. Vitamins can be used in specific quantities, down to a zone-by-zone degree. Genuine-time checking can also make up for versions in manure-pit agitation that can give inconsistent sampling.

Regulators say Ok

The point out of Vermont, which is hoping to make improvements to h2o top quality by means of improved manure management, has inspired precision manure adoption with research and grants, this sort of as the Capital Machines Support Application (CEAP), to support pay back for the expensive products.

Precision manure software “is a resource in the farmers’ resource package that will help with file keeping and documentation,” suggests Ryan Patch of the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Foodstuff and Markets. “We are incredibly supportive of it. It’s all about history maintaining.”

Farmers need not fret if manure software rates do not match their NMP recommendations, Patch suggests. They can regulate premiums to meet existing conditions so extended as those improvements are justified and recorded.

“What is essential is documentation of how manure software jibed with the temperature, soil disorders, and soil and manure tests through the year and at the time of software, even if they did not always match what you experienced planned at the conclusion of the past period,” he claims.

Is manure sensing worthy of it?

Severy ordered the HarvestLab method, which has precision manure ability, with an 80% CEAP grant. “We bought it 13 months in the past, and for the very first couple of many years we’re looking at how it goes,” he suggests.

He is operating with UVM Extension to see how carefully data from HarvestLab matches laboratory sampling.

Early exploration results evaluating a farm’s NMP suggestion of gallons per acre — based on the farm’s common or current manure sample — to precision manure sensing are promising. 

monitors in tractor cab

FINGERTIP Data: In his tractor taxi, Severy screens the move meter. He can inform precisely what and where by his dragline is spreading, and can manage the manure pit’s pump with his cellphone.

“If we were being to utilize manure based mostly on a focus on P2O5 charge in its place of a concentrate on gallons for every acre, the nutrients and manure volumes would match up much better, leaving the crop, the ecosystem and the farm superior off in the end,” states Kirsten Workman, UVM Extension agronomist.

The rewards of precision manure software can be substantial, from agronomic performance to enhanced drinking water high-quality, which added benefits all people. But far more authentic-world evidence is essential for farmers to see if it’ll be worthy of their time and cash.

“This technologies is promising, but the understanding curve is steep, implementation costs are high, and facts output is only as valuable as a person would make it,” Sanders says. “My feeling is that … only particular styles of farms will be using this technological innovation to its whole likely in the long term.”

Harlow writes from Vermont.

Thinking of investing in precision manure technological innovation?

Scott Potter of Dairy Aid Support in Truxton, N.Y., delivers strategies.

Ahead of you buy the engineering, make guaranteed you:

• Deal with manure as a nutrient, not squander.

• Follow the 4Rs of excellent manure management: suitable resource, appropriate rate, appropriate time and proper position. 

• Observe your nutrient administration system.

• Hit the target price using accessible measuring.

Also, ask on your own the pursuing questions:

• Are you at this time measuring and recording volume correctly?

• Do you want to maintain accurate information for compliance, or are you at the moment fudging software records to fulfill plan targets?

• Will there be an economic payback, and what is it?

• What will it let you to do that you’re not previously accomplishing or that can be attained with lower technologies methods?

Precision tech can be a significant financial investment, so make absolutely sure you also inquire you:

• Is it compatible with other know-how platforms or document-holding systems currently in use?

• Is it appropriate with your nutrient planner’s procedure?

• Is it operator pleasant? 

• Can it function for all manure application techniques: trucks, drag hose, tanker?

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