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Microsoft PowerToys v0.65.0 – What’s new and improved?

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Microsoft PowerToys v0.65.0 – What’s new and improved?

Last month, with the release of PowerToys v0.64.0, Microsoft added File Locksmith, Hosts File Editor, and more. And recently the business made available PowerToys v0.65.0, which is built on.NET 7. You will find a number of bug fixes and other improvements in this build because it is centered on stability and enhancements. Read on for a complete list of the modifications.


Microsoft PowerToys v0.65.0 - What's new and improved?
Microsoft PowerToys v0.65.0 – What’s new and improved?


  • The codebase was upgraded to work with .NET 7.
  • Quick Accent can now show a description of the selected character.
  • ColorPicker now supports adding custom formats.


What’s new and improved in Microsoft PowerToys v0.65.0?


  • Downgraded the ModernWPF dependency to 0.9.4 to avoid issues with certain virtualization technologies. (This was a hotfix for 0.64)
  • Upgraded and fixed the code to work with .NET 7.

Always on Top

  • Added telemetry for the pinning/unpinning events.


  • Added telemetry.
  • Removed existing Awake from the tray icon when starting from the runner. Utilities started from the runner should be disabled in Settings to avoid discrepancies.

Color Picker

  • Fixed an infinite loop due to a looping UI refresh. (This was a hotfix for 0.64)
  • Added a feature to allow users to create their own color formats.


  • Fixed an issue that caused turning off spaces between zones to not apply correctly. (This was a hotfix for 0.64)
  • Prevent the shift key press from trickling down to the focused window.
  • Fixed a bug causing FancyZones to try resizing hidden windows.
  • Fixed the focus layout preview being empty on the first run in the editor.
  • Fixed UI margin in the “Create new layout” dialog.
  • Fixed window positioning issues when switching between virtual desktops.
  • Fixed snapping by hotkey in single zone layouts.

File explorer add-ons

  • Added .log file support to the Monaco preview handler.

File Locksmith

  • Query system and other user processes when elevated. (This was a hotfix for 0.64)
  • Icon and UI fixes.

Group Policy Objects

  • Removed an obsolete dependency from the admx file to fix importing on Intune.

Hosts File Editor

  • Added a scrollbar to the additional lines dialog.
  • Updated the plus icon.
  • Prevent the new entry content dialog from overlapping the title bar.
  • Updated the name for the additional lines feature.
  • Added a workaround for an issue causing the context menu not opening on right-click.

Image Resizer

  • Fixed a silent crash when trying to show the tier 1 context menu on Windows 11.

PowerToys Run

  • Added pinyin support to the search.
  • Fixed an error in the TimeZone plugin preventing searching for standard time zones.
  • Added the English abbreviations as fallbacks in the UnitConverter plugin.

Quick Accent

  • Added mappings for the mu, omicron, upsilon, and thorn characters.
  • Added a setting to exclude apps from activating Quick Accent.
  • Fixed an issue causing the selector to trigger when leaving the lock screen.
  • Added the Croatian, Netherlands, Swedish, and Welsh character sets.
  • Added support for more Unicode characters.
  • Shift-space can now navigate backward in the selector.
  • Added the Catalan accented characters.
  • Added the Kurdish accented characters.
  • Added the Serbian accented characters.
  • Added the Irish and Scottish accented characters.
  • Added the description for the currently selected character in the selector.
  • Fixed a bug causing the selector window to appear blank.


  • Fixed a crash on a racing condition accessing the IPC communication with Settings.


  • Fixed settings name on the QuickAccent page.
  • Added a message indicating there’s no network available when looking for updates.
  • Fixed an error causing the backup/restore feature to not find the backup file.
  • Fixed localization for the “All apps” expression on the keyboard manager page.
  • UI refactoring, clean-up, and bringing in modern controls.
  • Improved settings/OOBE screens text.
  • The backup/restore feature also backs up FancyZones layouts.

Shortcut Guide

  • Added a setting to make the shortcuts and taskbar icons have different configurable response times.

Video Conference Mute

  • Changed the warning about deprecating Video Conference Mute to saying it’s going to go into legacy mode, thanks to community feedback. (This was a hotfix for 0.64)


  • Added the core team to COMMUNITY.md


  • Fixed some errors in the GitHub issue templates.
  • Updated the Windows implementation library.
  • Added Hosts File Editor to the issue templates.
  • Turned on C++ code analysis and incrementally fixed warnings.
  • Cleaned up unused dependencies.
  • Fixed building on the latest MSVC.
  • Fixed multi-processor build on the latest MSBuild.
  • Added a message to suggest the feedback hub to the fabric bot triggers.
  • Optimized every png file with the zopfli algorithm.
  • Updated the .vsconfig file for a quicker development setup.
  • Fixed a language typo in the code.
  • Fixed the wrong x86 target in the solution file.
  • Added a script to fail to build when the NuGet packages aren’t consolidated.
  • Upgraded the Vanara.Invoke dependencies.
  • Upgraded and brought back the spell-checker.
  • Added a new dependencies feed and fixed release CI.


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