July 13, 2024

Pyp Vaporisimo

more advanced technology

My milk frother changed my coffee-making routine

5 min read

I do really like a fantastic-quality, barista design and style coffee to kick-get started my day. From creamy cappuccinos and mochas to luscious lattes, almost nothing beats the delightful style of my favourite, espresso shop beverages.

But for the duration of the lockdown, I experienced to forsake my artisan espresso shop treats for my dull (and lacklustre) do-it-yourself coffees. Even with my trustworthy espresso device, my lattes ended up only not the exact same with out that 1 essential component — the frothy top rated! If you’ve ever puzzled why your takeaway espresso tastes so much better with the silky foam top rated, the magic formula is only in the foam. Frothy milk produces a lighter texture, that keeps the coffee flavour as shut to the initial taste as attainable. 

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