July 20, 2024

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Placid Plastic Duck Simulator is Steam’s latest viral hit

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Placid Plastic Duck Simulator is Steam’s latest viral hit

In a nutshell: Not every game has to be massively engaging or come from a top-tier game studio to be a winner. Take a look at Placid Plastic Duck Simulator, for example. Launched on Steam over the summer from indie developer Turbolento Games, Placid Plastic Duck Simulator is billed as the ultimate high-tech rubber duck simulation… except, it’s not really a game at all.

You’re dropped into a serene poolside setting adjacent to a big body of water where you simply watch a duck float around in said pool. You can adjust the camera but that’s about it. There’s a duck meter at the top right that slowly fills up and when it does, another duck will drop from the sky. Rinse and repeat.

“It feels like I’ve opened a desktop wallpaper,” said YouTuber RTGame in a recent video review.

One of the game’s developers told GameDiscoverCo that it was created during an internal game jam, and that the first feeling they aimed for was that of disbelief… specifically, disbelief that the idea even exists.

Each new duck that drops from the sky has its own personality and attributes. One duck in RTGame’s video had a hat with a propeller that allowed it to randomly take flight. Another hit the scene sporting full clown garb.

The more you “play” the game, the more you’ll discover that there’s actually some substance to it. It features a relaxing soundtrack as well as day /night cycles and weather, which can impact other elements in the environment. For example, over time, a pool float might find its way into the pool or maybe a duck will take a trip down the water slide.

It’s all sort of weirdly captivating and really, that’s where Placid Plastic Duck Simulator strives. It’s uniquely positioned as a streamer-friendly title that could entertain audiences for hours. Give each duck a name and a backstory, and let the madness ensue.

Placid Plastic Duck Simulator is a hit with the community, too. The game has amassed 3,554 user reviews as of this writing and 98 percent of them are positive.

Placid Plastic Duck Simulator is currently priced at $1.69 over on Steam.

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