July 13, 2024

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Roles and benefits of e-commerce in changing our way of life.

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The Role of E-commerce in your Life | Dash Technologies

The invention of everything digital and electronic dealings have greatly changed the standard of living for the better and ecommerce is no exception.  This article provides details on how the technological invention of ecommerce has changed the manner of trading. Commerce simply refers to the act of buying and selling and so far, buying and selling electronically has its perks for both the buyers and sellers. Below are some of them;

1. Time saving:

Ecommerce has taken away the ache of spending time at physical stores, and markets, browsing through and shopping. For sellers, the time spent conveying their products to a mutual place where their customers can find them has drastically reduced and buyers no longer have to spend long hours before completing simple transactions.

2. Communication:

Thanks to telecom industry trends communication between buyers and sellers has become a lot easier. Buyers are able to give feedback which in turn helps the product providers to assess the customer’s buying behavior and how to serve them better.

3. Variety of products and comparison:

Physical commerce also provides for variety but there is usually no avenue for comparison; however, with ecommerce, buyers can saturate themselves in the many available options until they are able to make a choice of the most satisfactory product. When you search for a product online, details of the sales, full product descriptions including delivery terms are made available and sometimes the prices are included which aids better decision making.

4. Cost saving:

Ecommerce has saved sellers the need for physical stores and its maintenance. Oftentimes, people run out of businesses as a result of need for space and poor location of their businesses. However with electronic commerce, the need for a physical location is minimized thereby providing sellers with not only an online space but a limitless one.

On the flip side, the overhead cost for sellers is reduced which in turn means reduced pricing for the buyers.

5. Effective and affordable marketing:

With physical trading, sellers relied largely on word of mouth and chance until ecommerce came to the rescue providing advertising and marketing avenues for sellers at next to nothing. Many platforms provide sellers with affordable tools to market their business and stay above the waters. Although there are many fake platforms, there are ways to find the suspicious websites, and stay off.

6. Convenience:

A virtual market place makes purchasing rapid, simple and convenient. With ecommerce there are literally no limitations. For example: a Canadian who loves African culture and attire has the luxury to simply place an order for the desired attire online and get them delivered to Canada. There are no limitations of location, currency, or language. Ecommerce has helped to simplify the odds. Also, building customer relationships have become a lot easier.

7. Availability:

Ecommerce allows businesses to stay available 24/7, how cool is that? There are no market days, work days, holidays or weekends, businesses are able to run all the hours of the day, all year round conveniently and best still, they can run on their own terms.


Ecommerce has bettered our lives in more ways than discussed included above, hence the increasing strides of business innovation and economic growth.

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