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Technology as artwork is actually beautiful

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Technology gets old fast. Many users replace their gadgets frequently, with some even replacing them yearly. While many devices are sold and reused by others, some gadgets find themselves without a home and in the garbage. Thankfully, some companies recycle used gadgets, and Xreart is one of those companies.

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Xreart is taking obsolete gadgets and turning them into artwork. Now, this isn’t for everyone, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So for those who love technology, Xreart might strike a chord. The company takes popular devices that are no longer supported, frames them, and even labels the components so that you can display your favorite dead gadget on your wall. Read on for our review of Xreart. iPhone 1st gen and iPhone X.


First-Generation iPhone Frame

  • Model: iPhone 2G (First Generation)
  • Template paper size: 11.8111.81 in (300mm300mm)
  • Frame size: 12.9112.911.38 in (32.8cm32.8cm3.5cm)

iPhone X Frame

  • Model: iPhone X
  • Template paper size: 420mm*297mm
  • Frame size: 44.8cm*32.4cm*3cm

What’s In The Box

  • Xreart frame
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Documentation


The first iPhone is an icon in the smartphone world. It helped to usher in the era of the smartphone. While the first generation lacked functionality and apps, it was an essential device in smartphone evolution. Xreart offers the first generation iPhone in a square frame.

The iPhone is disassembled, and its components are presented with labels and descriptions of them printed on a white cardboard backing.

Xreart also sent us the iPhone X version. The iPhone X is displayed in a rectangular frame with the same white cardboard backing, which showcases the disassembled iPhone X.

Both of these displays are well built and feel sturdy. The frame is wood, but the glass is plexiglass and not real glass, that was a bummer, but I guess it is less likely to break.

Xreart review: Technology as artwork is actually beautiful
iPhone X

The back is cardboard, has several mounting clips, and is easy to remove. Rotating clips hold the back to the frame securely. The inner whiteboard is also cardboard and is thinner than I imagined. I would have liked the whiteboard to be a little heavier duty. I feel like if these were exposed to too much humidity, the whiteboards might warp.

Overall. I love how Xreart has taken both the iPhone X and first-generation iPhone and laid them out cleanly on the whiteboards. The addition of the component names and descriptions adds a touch that gives the entire package a clean and modern look.


Setting these up is straightforward. It’s a picture frame. My only complaint with the setup is the plastic covering the plexiglass. The plastic is edge-to-edge, so it was difficult to remove without taking the back off and popping the plexiglass out.

I had to pop the plexiglass out and remove the film. Otherwise, there would have been plastic film sticking out around the edges of the frame. It would be nice if the film could be placed outside of the frame on the glass and maybe offer a pull tab to peel the film off. That would make things easier.

The black hanging clips on the back of the Xreart frames are excellent. They are recessed, meaning the frame will sit flush against the wall.

First-Generation iPhone

It takes a bit of planning to hang Xreart on your wall correctly. I used a level, hammer, and wall anchors to position both the iPhone X and first-generation iPhone frames. I still didn’t get it right; one of the frames is only slightly askew; this was my fault as I did not take enough time to triple-check placement.

Overall, Xreart is very easy to set up. Disassemble it to get the plastic off is a pain, and I will warn you to take care of the whiteboard inside. But once you have the film off, mounting it is just like any other frame.

Closeup iPhone X


The Xreart first-generation iPhone frame is priced at US$399, but as of this review, it is on sale for US$299. The Xreart iPhone X frame is priced at US$249. It’s tough to place a value on Xreart. I think this is going to be a very personal thing. I like the first-generation iPhone frame as it brings back memories and nostalgia of those days when it first came out.

Wrap Up

Xreart isn’t going to be for everyone. The price is pretty high, but the value will be in how users feel about the device they buy from Xreart. The company offers many iPhone models, Apple Watch, game consoles, and even DIY packages. Be sure to check out the company’s website and check if your favorite old gadget is available.

Last Updated on April 30, 2022.

Xreart Frames

Assorted Prices

Xreart iPhone

Nailed it

  • Nice build quality of the frame and plexiglass
  • Nice mounting options
  • Technology looks great as art

Needs work

  • It was hard to remove the plastic film from the plexiglass
  • The whiteboard could be thicker

iPhone first generation Xreart frame

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