April 15, 2024

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Top-Notch Tips To Do Better Eye Makeup

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As said by a famous poet, eyes are the windows to your soul and the makeup you have on them is like the drapes that accentuate the view. Bold and vibrant eye makeup can escalate a simple and sophisticated look and make you stand out from the rest of the crowd by accentuating your best features with striking colors and techniques tailored according to your style and complexion.

But some questions are constant in our mind like “where do you start from”, “what do you apply first”, “how to apply liner”, and “how to apply eye makeup”. 

Leave aside all your worries, from forming a base to completing the makeup look, we have got you all covered. We all love a makeup look that brings all the attention to the eyes. So here are some techniques that you can try that will improve your overall look.

  1. Prime

Are you using the same primer on your lids as on your face? Is your shadow smudging and smearing your eyes? Then the reason is probably your face primer that isn’t made for the skin condition of the eyelid.

Instead of doing this, try sticking to a white base primer. It will not only keep your makeup in place but also act as a color corrector. A white base primer changes your look, so try going for shades that look bolder in the palette.

  1. Use a Pigmented Pencil In Shade Black or Brown

Liner is something that defines and gives shape to your eyes. The pencil should be able to glide and look opaque, it shouldn’t be too slippery or too dry. Choose a pencil texture that suits your lids.

If you have watery eyes and warm lids then choose a waterproof formula like Neutrogena Intense Gel Eyeliner in Dark Brown 30 or Jet Black 10. People with dry lids can try a soft but pigmented pencil such as Honest Beauty Vibeliner Pencil Eyeliner with Jojoba Oil in Grounded or Mindful. 

  1. Paint Your Eyes

Neutrals are a good way to delicately highlight your features but a pop of color is never unnecessary and is always a great way to accentuate your best features. Those wild ombre-colored dips, neon pinks, and blues don’t have to be limited to the clubs anymore. Your favorite shiny shades can breathe in the open air and see the daylight.  

The cut crease peacock look is trending right now and here’s how you can achieve that look –

Start with a wet base and lightly brush your brow bone with a white or light beige eyeshadow. With the help of a smaller detailed brush, draw a bold line across the top crease of your lid with a dark blue shade. Blend this line gently up and down with a small blending brush. Use another small brush to fill your lid with a vivid turquoise eye shadow. Finish this extraordinary look with eyeliner.

  1. Get Those Lashes

Longer and fuller lashes are like a showstopper to your makeup look. They add life to an eye look and make it pop. The different lengths of the lashes draw attention to your eyes and make them look spectacular. 

Is it the first time sticking false lashes to your eyes? Looks scary? You don’t have anything to worry about. The lashes come with a lash glue tube and the application is very easy. 

  1. Mascara And The Lash Curler

Curling your natural lashes or extensions are a great way to open them. You can also try to turn your wrist away once the lashes are secured in the curler. Squeeze the curler for a few seconds, relax it, and then squeeze again. This will get you the maximum curl.

Keep in mind to curl after using mascara. After 50, most people have either short or thin lashes. These will benefit from a lightweight plumping formula like CoverGirl Simply Ageless Lash Plumping Mascara. Use mascara that provides volume and not length. 

Those having moist eyes must go for waterproof mascara like L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Mascara in 360 Waterproof Black.

While applying makeup, especially close to your eyes, you must take all the safety measures and keep some important things in your mind –

  1. Products That Cause Irritation

That sparkling, purple-colored eyeshadow may be a rage all over the internet but if it contains glitter, metals, crushed gems, minerals, etc then it may leave microscopic deposits on the surface of the eyes. The eyes perceive these deposits as outsiders and will react with redness, inflammation, and irritation in the white area of the eyes. 

Red and irritated eyes are not something that you want to draw attention to.

  1. Read The Label

While using even the best eye serum or eye care products, make sure to check the label of the products for their ingredients. Especially since these need to be applied near the eyes. 

  1. Sharing Is Not Caring

It is nice to share things but it is not nice to share makeup and for that fact any cosmetic product. No, you cannot share it with your mother, sister, grandmother, or anyone. Cosmetics can become a place for breeding bacteria. When you use them interchangeably, you are risking cross-contamination.

Eye infections including conjunctivitis spread easily.

  1. Allergy

When you read the label, look for products or ingredients that you may be allergic to. If you are not sure whether you are allergic or not, then slowly add the product into your routine and if you feel any discomfort then stop using it immediately. 

Test the makeup on your inner wrist or forearm. Some common allergens found in makeup products are fragrance, dye, latex, preservative, and nickel.

  1. Organic Doesn’t Mean Safe

Products mentioned organic are all around safe but their safety with eyes is still questionable. Many makeup products, either organic or conventional, have allergens and eye irritants. “Hypoallergenic” is the word you are looking for on that label.

Wrapping Up

Makeup is an art that makes you look and feel your best. experiment with all the looks you want while keeping safety in your mind.

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