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Using UI Animation To Amp Up Your Website

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Using UI Animation To Amp Up Your Website

Using UI Animation To Amp Up Your Website


Nowadays, the Internet has become home to many websites. In fact, a lot of
websites now look slicker and more attractive. The secret? UI animation!

Rather than opt for plain graphics, colors, and designs, websites are looking
to attract online users. That’s where UI animation comes in. People will find
animations more attract than plain images and text. Therefore, this is a great
way to transform the digital design of your website.

This post will help you to understand why UI is important in
website-designing. Then, we will show you a handful of ideas on how to
incorporate UI animations into your website:

Understanding UI

Before we look into UI animation for websites, here’s a little background
about UI.

Digital design has transformed much of the Internet. In fact, digital design
can be divided into three parts: user interface, user experience, and
user-interfaced animation. All three of these parts are essential, in order
for digital design to be both functional and appealing to users.

Let’s dive deeper into these three main parts that make up digital design, and
how they affect human interaction:

  • User interface (UI) design is responsible for how a digital product
    looks and feels. Think of the digital product as trying out some new clothes
    in a fitting room. Which clothes (or appearance) would look best? You want
    your UI to feel natural and intuitive.
  • User experience (UX) design delves into how a digital product works.
    In other words, how might someone react to a particular topic, let alone the
    product itself? This element focuses on how the user is feeling or thinking
    when interacting with the product. If you can anticipate this, you can meet
    their needs before they even know those needs themselves.
  • UI animation serves as the body language portrayed by the product. In
    the case of a website, what would the “body language” be, if it was a real
    person? What kinds of nonverbal cues would it make?

Great Ideas For UI Animation

So, now that you know about what makes digital design an essential part of a
website, it’s time to make UI animation work for you and your site. Here are 3
great ideas on how to implement UI animation today!

1. Animate Your App

Have an app that you want to show off before launch? Then this would be a
great opportunity to showcase your app through UI animation.

Instead of boring potential users with text explaining the app, and instead of
just showing screenshots from the app, you can entice with animations. In
other words, you can show your app in action by animating some of its key
features. UI animation takes users on a virtual tour through the app, starting
from the home screen.

When you use this method, you’ll be able to show people how that app works in
practice, and how they could use it. Sometimes it’s just better to see an app
in motion to really get to grips with it.

2. Make Use Of Quick-Action Image-Flipping

Image-flipping is most common, when it comes to UI animation. Essentially,
image-flipping occurs when a user’s mouse hovers over a product or a similar
item, when wanting to get a ‘quick look’ at it. This is especially common in
menu bars and dropdown menus. Regardless, the user is able to look at
something or add something really quick without having to jump through hoops
to do so. This type of UI animation is most common on eCommerce websites, or
online storefronts that sell goods.

This has a real benefit for the user, as they won’t have to through pages and
pages just to get to what they need. It saves a lot of time, and gives them
what they’re looking for.

3. Use Motion And Color For Buttons And Blocks

Finally, give your buttons and blocks some pizzazz. In other words, use motion
and color to highlight said buttons and blocks. This allows for users to
notice your buttons or blocks right away, without having to scroll up or down
to look for them. Motion and color are especially good for calls-to-action
(CTAs), because you’re asking users to interact with your site a certain way,

  • Asking people to subscribe to your newsletter
  • Having people add something to their cart
  • Offering free trials on certain products, etc.

No matter your CTA, it’s important to make them known to your users with UI


As you can see, UI animation can take your website to the next level. As a
crucial part of digital design – along with UI and UX design – UI animation
can make your website pop, when it comes to user interaction.

As a result, UI animation allows for your site to be not only more functional,
but also more attractive. Needless to say, this pizzazz can go a long way!

Good luck and have fun, website developers!

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