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What to Consider Before Buying an eSIM

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A traditional SIM card is a small plastic card or chip that you can insert into any handset you own. A SIM is mainly an acronym for Subscriber Identity Module because it holds information that is unique to you, like the phone number. An e-SIM on the other hand is not a physical card that can be inserted into different devices. It is a smaller chip that is embedded in the devices. You can remove it or change it. Before you buy an e-SIM you should probably know that the ‘e’ stands for embedded here. 

The e-SIM technology is considered one of the most groundbreaking innovations in the contemporary world. However, experts believe replacing traditional plastic SIM cards is still years away. If you are considering an e-SIM buy then you need to be aware of certain facts. Especially since it is a brand-new technology there are some security matters which should be known by all users. 

5 Factors to Consider Before Buying an e-SIM

  • A Traveller’s Best Friend

If you love traveling, you know the hassle of getting a new SIM in each country you visit. Or you need to pay astronomical phone bills if you activate international roaming on your number. But with e-SIMs depending on your device, you can create multiple profiles. And all this without having to buy a new SIM card in a completely new country. 

  • Temporary Switch between Networks

One e-SIM can hold up to five different networks at the same time. So it gives you the flexibility of switching between networks depending on your convenience. We have all been stuck in a zone without any network coverage, and instantly wished for a different number. Now with this temporary switch feature on an e-SIM, this can be a reality. 

  • Better Protection

Even if a thief is successful at stealing your phone, the embedded SIM card will make it difficult for them to disable tracking. For traditional SIM cards, one can easily remove the SIM to avoid being detected. However, if you are using an e-SIM then your stolen phone can be easily tracked. It seems the advantages of an e-SIM are quite crucial to improve data security in current times. 

  • Protection Against Fraud 

Traditional or physical SIM cards are at constant risk of being stolen or being used for fraud. But due to the embedded feature of the e-SIM, stealing is impossible. A SIM swap is the most dangerous theft and fraud for a plastic SIM card. It’s when any individual can call your wireless server and ask them to port the same to a new SIM card. You can lose all access to that number instantly. Now with e-SIMs unless your phone is stolen your identity and personal data can be protected. 

  • Space Advantage

Since eSIMs do not need to be inserted into the devices, the manufacturers can use this space to improve battery life or add other features. Some brands like Apple and Samsung have already included e-SIMs in their wearable devices. It creates a sleek design that is not bulky on the wrists and improves security. 

Buy an e-SIM for yourself and experience groundbreaking technology today!

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