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Why are increasing number of people opting for CenturyLink residential?

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CenturyLink belongs to human technologies. They are responsible for offering high-speed fibre, phone, Internet, and TV connections for residential customers and small growing businesses. CenturyLink has maintained a trusted name in terms of traditional networks as well as fibre networks for small businesses and residential’s. The reason CenturyLink Internet is so fast and favourite are that they work by using quantum fibre. Quantum fibre is a completely digitized platform that is responsible for delivering fibre-based services to its customers. A quantum fibre works by the use of Lumen’s extensive infrastructure.


Why should one opt for CenturyLink Internet service?


CenturyLink Internet service has a wide range of Internet speeds that clients can choose depending on their needs and preferences. CenturyLink is working very hard to constantly expand their fibre gigabyte Internet coverage to successfully deliver Internet speeds up to 940 MBPS. If there is a supervised Wi-Fi network available at your home, it will enhance your productivity. With the work-from-home culture on the rise, a good Internet connection has become crucial. If you are working from home currently, you need an Internet connection that you can rely on and have the least buffering time. This is where CenturyLink comes into the picture.


Advantages of opting for CenturyLink Wi-Fi network

CenturyLink gives its users a complete life experience with the availability of features that would exceed the expectations you have from your Wi-Fi network.

  • CenturyLink offers its users a Wi-Fi modem that works on the basis of Wi-Fi 6.
  • CenturyLink also has an application that is referred to as my CenturyLink app. If you have a smart home, you can use my CenturyLink app to control the home network, your security as well as the privacy of your connections.
  • The CenturyLink Wi-Fi is extremely secure due to the built-in advanced security protection that has been put in place by CenturyLink.
  • The Wi-Fi can provide high levels of speed which can be used to support multiple devices at home.
  • Featuring has 24/7 Technical Support in place That will help you solve all of your Internet issues, whether it is big or small.
  • The wireless modem of CenturyLink also contains a router as a part of a single device. This router is responsible for providing enhanced data speed to the customers of CenturyLink, thus ensuring that you enjoy a seamless Internet experience.


CenturyLink offers state-of-the-art security to its customers.

  • CenturyLink has very strict privacy protection updates in place, which prevent its customers from visiting any malicious sites that can cause harm to them.
  • The security in the case of CenturyLink Wi-Fi is always maintained and kept up to date wire regular updates to protect their customers from any cyber threats.
  • CenturyLink also has a private network in place that will keep all your smart home devices as well as home cameras protected from unwanted intrusions or the prying eyes of hackers.


Easy management

CenturyLink has come up with an app referred to as the My CenturyLink app. This app can be used to control all the devices that are a part of your home network.

You will also be informed about all the devices which have been connected to your home Wi-Fi network. You can also use my CenturyLink app tool to disconnect any of the devices that are connected to the home Internet. Finally, the CenturyLink app allows its customers to check the status of the connection of all the devices.


Parental control tools

CenturyLink understands how important parental control tools are nowadays. Kids must be protected when they are online. CenturyLink understands that parents must be kept in the loop at all times when their kids are surfing the Internet. Therefore, CenturyLink has many configurations in place to help parents control their kids and protect the kids when they are on the Internet. CenturyLink allows parents to have full control of the sites which the kids access. CenturyLink app can also be used to disconnect the Wi-Fi connection from any of the connected devices. Suppose it is time for your kids to do their homework while they wish to play on the Internet. You can just switch off the Internet connection until the homework is done. Scheduling also allows their customers to have control over the Internet usage rules of the house.


Not only this, place for their customers to enjoy its windows experience. You can opt for the TV, Internet, as well as phone packages and I, will all three services in one single bundle. This way, you will have to pay a single amount every month and not worry about paying three different bills. If you are a resident of Las Vegas, NV, you should check out CenturyLink Las Vegas for all your household needs pertaining to Internet, TV and phone.


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