June 21, 2024

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A guide on what you should know about having a new puppy

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Puppy 101: a Quick-Start Guide to Caring for Your New Puppy - Best Friends  Pet Care

The following guide gives tips for having a new puppy in your life, as this is a lifetime commitment of between 8-15 years. In addition, there are also the implications of financial aspects attributed to health and behavioral factors; therefore, researching sites such as entirelypets pharmacy would indicate which attributes of a specific breed would have health concerns attached to them. However, as mentioned before, having pets in your life is a commitment that would last for many years; therefore, knowing the factors surrounding your new puppy might be beneficial to yourself, your family, and for the latest and beloved puppy that would change your life for the better, as no dog would ever alter your life for the negative. Hence, the quotes from Josh Billings explain that the best thing in life would and should be a new puppy; however, they treasure this aspect. – “ A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” 

Things to consider beforehand

  • First, be realistic about the breed you are getting and the financial impact it would have to get a new puppy and integrate it into your everyday lifestyle. In addition, it is also a good idea to consider the size of the puppy and the physical requirements needed, and whether it would fit into an active or regular lazy lifestyle. 
  • Next is, as mentioned before, the decision to make a financially informed decision regarding the health of the puppy and the breed’s future health concerns; in addition to this, there are other factors, such as grooming costs and kennel fees. 
  • Thirdly, it is advised that you pick a reputable breeder, followed by the puppy, as well as the added aspect of maybe adopting a dog or puppy, which would be richly rewarding; however, the history of the dog would be unknown, therefore always put love and affection first, when behavioral problems to arise. Additionally, remember that puppies learn straight away in the first six months of their lives; therefore, when obeying the home rules, such as potty training, you, as the new doggy parent, should give positive reinforcement in the form of affection as a reward. 

Other factors to consider

Upon the realization that you would like to acquire or adopt a new puppy, there are a few further factors to consider; for example, ask yourself if you can imagine the new puppy as an adult dog and how it would fit into the lifestyle in the family home. Therefore, it would not make sense to get a big dog if you do not have the room to space it properly; additionally, when you have an active lifestyle, you can always adopt or approach a reputable breeder for a dog that would fit perfectly into such a way of living. Next would be to consult with a veterinarian instead of purchasing a new puppy at the spur of the moment, as this would help in regards to, as previously discussed, the financial aspects connected to a specific breed. Lastly, always look and approach a responsible breeder who delivers healthy litters instead of someone practicing backyard breeding where several diseases and behavioral problems may occur; additionally, you can ask the breeder for a legal contract before waiting for your new best friend to arrive at their’s forever home. 

In conclusion

In summary, there are several factors to consider when getting a new puppy; however, when you have done all your necessary homework on the breed, always remember that to love an animal is a divine aspect to treasure, as no love like theirs can ever be measured. – “Everything I know, I learned from dogs” – Nora Roberts. 

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